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Recovery of plutonium from phosphate containing aqueous analytical waste solutions using macroporous anion exchange resin

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Distribution ratios of Pu(IV) between 7.5M HNO3+0.75M H3PO4+0.3M H2SO4 media and a macroporous anion-exchange resin Amberlyst A-26 (MP) increased from 40 to 250 when 1M aluminium nitrate was added to the aqueous medium. When 1M ferric nitrate was used in place of aluminium nitrate the distribution ratio further increased to 850. The 10% Pu(IV) breakthrough capacities with a 5 ml bed resin column, using synthetic feed solutions containing 1M aluminium nitrate, were 1.4 g l−1, 3.2 g l−1 at flow rates of 30 ml per hour and 10 ml per hour, respectively. The corresponding 10% Pu(IV) breakthrough capacities in the presence of 1M ferric nitrate were 8.5 g l−1 and 12.8 g l−1. More than 97% of plutonium could be recovered from actual analytical phosphate waste solutions.

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Pius, I.C., Charyulu, M.M., Sivaramakrishnan, C.K. et al. Recovery of plutonium from phosphate containing aqueous analytical waste solutions using macroporous anion exchange resin. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Letters 187, 57–65 (1994). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02162634

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