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Die Reizbewegungen der Mimosoideen und ihre Hormone

  • Gerhard Hesse
  • Basudev Banerjee
  • Hermann Schildknecht


The irritation substances of various plants of the family of Mimosoideae are highly sensitive to oxygen, and their chemical behaviour is that of ‘reductones’. Just the same substances were also found in non-sensitive plants. Meso-inositol is perhaps one of the original compounds leading to the active substances. It became possible to explain some characteristics of the irritation-process ofMimosa pudica by regarding known properties of reductones, i.e. the irritation reaction, the restitution, the influence of sun-light and their ‘sleeping’ in darkness.


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  • Gerhard Hesse
  • Basudev Banerjee
  • Hermann Schildknecht

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