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The average surface resistance of a pine forest derived from Bowen ratio measurements

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Quartz crystal thermometers with ceramic tubes for the wet bulbs were used to measure vertical profiles of temperature and humidity above a pine forest. The effect of the supporting structures on the measurements and an objective method of calculating the Bowen ratio are described. The surface resistance was computed from the Bowen-ratio results. The diurnal variations in the average surface resistance of the forest for groups of dry days in Spring, Summer and Autumn are presented.

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Gash, J.H.C., Stewart, J.B. The average surface resistance of a pine forest derived from Bowen ratio measurements. Boundary-Layer Meteorol 8, 453–464 (1975). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02153564

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  • Quartz
  • Diurnal Variation
  • Vertical Profile
  • Average Surface
  • Quartz Crystal