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Adrenalin- und Arterenolgehalt der Mäuse- und Rattennebenniere

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The suprarenals of most animal-species — pig, cattle, dog, cat, frog and man — contain beside adrenaline more or less nor-adrenaline (arterenol): 20–60%. The suprarenals of rabbits and guinea-pigs behaved exceptionally in that they contained only adrenaline. Now it was found that rats also belong to the latter group, whereas the secretion of mice-suprarenals is a mixture of 75% adrenaline and 25% nor-adrenaline. These results are in agreement with the histological findings ofBänder, that for example in cat and mice suprarenalstwo different types of chromaffine cells are to be found, but onlyone chromaffine cell type in suprarenals of rabbits, guinea-pigs, and rats.

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