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Experience with the antirabic vaccination in the two world wars

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Under war conditions rabies may become a great calamity for the civilian population. It is not possible to produce enough vaccine from rabbit; Pasteur's scheme of vaccination with 21 inoculations is inadequate under war conditions.

Production of vaccine from sheep, a complete decentralization of vaccination, the use of concentrated vaccine with few inoculations are possible solutions of the problem.

The first efforts in this direction were made in Latvia during the first world war, and further ones in the second one. The method of preparation of concentrated antirabic vaccine has been described.

The total of 710wounded persons were vaccinated, 367 of them with concentrated sheep vaccine and 343 with concentrated rabbit vaccine.

6 inoculations of 4 ml of the vaccine were given within 6 days, one reinjection 30 days later.

There occurred 3 death cases from rabies, all in women vaccinated with rabbit vaccine.

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