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Action of histamine on nerve mediated responses of the guinea-pig ileum

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The effect of histamine on the responses of the guinea-pig ileum to stimulation of intramural nerves and to some potential nonadrenergic, noncholinergic (NANC) neurotransmitters was analysed. During sustained tonic histamine contraction, electrical stimulation of all intramural nerves elicited a biphasic response (contraction followed by after-relaxation) and application of ATP and bradykinin caused relaxation of the ileum in contrast to their contractile effect on basal tension. Histamine reduced contractile and augmented relaxatory NANC responses, and prevented capsaicin from producing any contractile effect and from significantly influencing the NANC contractions. The present results suggest that, besides its direct effect, histamine activates intramural nerve fibres, mainly the sensory ones, and unmasks NANC relaxation thus modifuing the mechanical activity.

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