, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp 70–77

The relevance of association networks for/in a sustainable information and communication society

  • Georges Thill
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DOI: 10.1007/BF02065179

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Thill, G. AI & Soc (1994) 8: 70. doi:10.1007/BF02065179


This contribution deals with taking up the challenge of sustainable development through human centred systems which aim at the creation and repatriation of global quality in each society, and which are seen to operate as a whole, on a local, regional or even a planetary scale. The paper argues that, particularly in a field such as information, communication, environment, technological processes and innovations, which have structurally revolutionised first of all manufacturing but also education and daily living at the same time. However, producing new pathogenous structures require, by necessity, a political ecology in order to relate these fields to new figures of meditation/mediance and crossbreeding built up by associative networks. PRELUDE'S experience, as an international networking programme of scientists pursuing with other social factors objectives of codevelopments (in response to the failure of bad development in the North and in the South), and its contribution to the theme “Global Perspective 2010” of the CE-FAST Programme suggest the actual relevance and, turning to the future, the decisive function of associative networks as a way of approaching more efficiently, because of their flexibility, complex, highly heterogeneous situations to be tackled in a systemic and global fashion. In complementing institutions and established companies these networks give their new performances and efficacity to institute, and so doing displace acquired balances, and increase their capacity to innovate.


PRELUDE Associated networks Co-development Information and communication technologies (ICTs) Globalisation 

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  • Georges Thill
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  1. 1.Scientific Coordination of PRELUDE (Programme of Research and Liason between Universities for Development)Namur UniversityNamurBelgium

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