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Differentiation of A-, B- and D-cells of guinea-pig pancreas using semi-thin epoxy-resin sections

  • James McGadey
  • Owen Reid
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Four-mm2 specimens of guinea-pig pancreas were removed and fixed in buffered 5% glutaraldehyde, dehydrated through alcohols, treated with propylene oxide and impregnated with epoxyresin and finally polymerised at 70 °C. One-μ sections were cut on an ultramicrotome, stretched and adhered to glass slides. They were then deresinized in saturated sodium ethoxide, hydrated and washed thoroughly in running water. Sections were then stained by hematoxylin and eosin, Masson, Mallory, Epple, McGadey and the hematoxylin/acid fuchsin/orange G/soluble blue routines using the modified Weigert hematoxylin for the nuclear staining. They were then dehydrated, cleared and mounted in D.P.X. The stainings of the islet cells were compared and only by the latter routine did the D-cells stain adequately.


A-cells B-cells D-cells Differentiation Epoxy-resin Histology Pancreatic islets Semithin Sodium ethoxide Viscosity 


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  • James McGadey
    • 1
  • Owen Reid
    • 1
  1. 1.Anatomy DepartmentUniversity of GlasgowGlasgow

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