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Clinical characteristics in male and female uro-arthritis or Reiter's syndrome

  • U. I. Yli-Kerttula


To investigate the clinical characteristics of Reiter's syndrome (RS) or uro-arthritis in females, 73 consecutive patients were studied. The findings were compared to those in 72 consecutive males with RS. The mean ages and the clinical picture of musculoskeletal findings, including frequency of monoor oligoarthritis (68–69%), polyarthritis (26%) and back complaints (76–71%), were similar in both sexes. Inflammation of the knee, sterno-clavicular joint and “sausage” toe occurred predominantly in males and finger involvements in females. Anamnestic gonorrhoea occurred in 17 males (24%) and in 9 females (12%) (p<0.05) and verified aseptic pyuria in 34 males (47%) and in 19 females (26%) (p<0.01). Clinical findings of urogenital abnormalities (61 and 51%) and evidence of chlamydial infection (61 and 58%) occurred equally frequently in both sexes, as did the less commonly observed gastrointestinal involvements as triggering infection. The males had high ESR (⩾50mm/h) and HLA-B27 antigen more often than females (p<0.005 and p<0.025 respectively). Pyuria and elevated ESR (⩾20mm/h) were associated with HLA-B27 in males (p<0.02) but not in females. The occurrence of sacroiliitis was not associated with HLA-B27 and was not sex-related. The many similarities in the clinical picture speak in favour of the same disease in both sexes. Though the “complete” form of RS with high ESR seems to be more rare in females than in males, the results of the present study emphasize that uro-arthritis is not a rare disease in females as compared to males.

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Reiter's Syndrome Uro-Arthritis Sex Distribution 


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  • U. I. Yli-Kerttula
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  1. 1.Department of MedicineTampere University HospitalTampereFinland

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