Adeqate allowance for vitamin C

  • Julius Sigurjonsson


Observations on C-vitamin nutrition in Iceland do not lend support to the assumption that a state of near-saturation is required for full benefit to be attained from this vitamin. Here a great part of the population rarely exceed 30 mg./day and values of about 20 mg. and less are frequent. Yet, the standard of health is in the highest range.

In general, these observations are in concord with the results of the well known Sheffield experiments.

It is maintained that it remains to be shown conclusively that an increased intake above 20–30 mg. per day is of any benefit under otherwise normal conditions. The apparent increase of catabolism of ascorbic acid at the higher intake levels might, as the increased urinary excretion, be interpreted as a means to deal with surplus intake.

According to present knowledge, therefore, it is found that there is no need to recommend a higher allowance for vitamin C than the standard of 30 mg./day for the adult adopted by the Technical Commission on Nutrition of the League of Nations.


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