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Use of bibliographic data bases for scientometric studies

  • Barbara Stefaniak


The paper is a review of different applications of various bibliographic data bases to bibliometric and scientometric research such as identifying the leading journals in certain fields, investigating the structure and development of particular fields including trend analysis and forecasting, as well as the study of the contribution of various countries to world science as reflected in scientific literature presented in information files. The paper also covers the results of investigation of Polish scientific literature, as presented in the foreign data bases, in the fields of information science (LISA, ISA, INSPEC, 1977–1983), chemistry (CASearch, 1978–1985), physics (INSPEC, 1979–1985), science-various disciplines (SCISEARCH, 1980–1984). Along with many advantages of using bibliographic data bases for scientometric research some limitations are also described which may originate in data bases content, and have to be taken into account while designing such a type of investigation.


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  • Barbara Stefaniak
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute for ScientificTechnical and Economic InformationWarsaw(Poland)

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