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Papierchromatografie als middel voor de diagnose van de ringvlekkenziekte van zoete kers. een voorlopige mededeling

  • H. H. Zeylstra
Korte Mededelingen

With a summary: Paper chromatography and diagnosis of ring spot disease in sweet cherry. A preliminary report


Sap from leaves of healthy and ring spot diseased cherry trees was chromatographed on Whatman No. 1 filterpaper with n-butanol-acetic acid-water as a solvent. On the dried chromatograms spots became visible after spraying with an ammoniacal solution of silver nitrate. Chromatograms of sap from diseased leaves showed some dark spots. These spots were less pronounced in chromatograms of sap from healthy leaves (see figure). This was the case with material from trees growing on clay soil, as well as from those on sandy soil. Sometimes samples from leaves of diseased trees on clay soil gave chromatograms showing a little band between the spots 3 and 4 (B), and samples from healthy specimens a spot between the spots 1 and 2 (A).

Further studies are needed to answer the question whether the method is suitable for practical use in cherry orchards in order to secure healthy propagation stocks.


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  • H. H. Zeylstra
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  1. 1.Instituut voor Plantenziektenkundig Onderzoek (I.P.O.)Wageningen

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