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Meristeemcultuur, gecombineerd met warmtebehandeling, voor het verkrijgen van virusvrije anjerplanten

With a summary: Meristem culture, combined with heat treatment, in order to obtain virus-free carnation plants

  • Fred Quak
Korte Mededelingen


Of the carnation varieties Pink Sim and Harvest Moon no virus-free plants were known. As therapy by means of heat treatment gave no satisfactory results, this method was combined with applacation of meristem culture. From plants kept for 6–8 weeks at 40°C, small portions from the tips of the stems, consisting of the meristem and some leaf primordia, were isolated and cultured in a nutrient agar under sterile conditions. The small plants that developed were transferred to soil. They grew into normal carnation plants in which no virus could be demonstrated either by serological test or by local lesion assays. From these plants virus-free stocks of these two varieties will be raised.


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  • Fred Quak
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  1. 1.Instituut voor Plantenziektenkundig Onderzoek (I.P.O.)Wageningen

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