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Viren en looistoffen

With a summary: Viruses and tannins

  • T. H. Thung
  • J. P. H. van der Want
Korte Mededelingen


Samples of finely cut tobacco leaves, at the same time infected with rattle and tobacco mosaic viruses, were mixed with ditto leaves of healthy raspberry in the porportion of 10 g to 30 g. To these lots were added respectively: 4 ml of 40% nicotine sulphate, 4 g of aluminum hydroxyde, 4 g of quinine sulphate, 2 g of lead acetate, 4 g of hide powder, and 6 g of skimmed milk powder to test the ability of these substances to protect the viruses from precipitation by the tannins of the raspberry leaf. The mixtures were ground in a mortar, the sap squeezed through cheese cloth, centrifuged and the clear supernatants dialyzed one night in running tap water. Check objects treated in the same way were: 10 g of tobacco leaf infected with both viruses, and a mixture of 10 g of infected tobacco leaf and 30 g of raspberry leaf. After dialyzing the volumes of all objects were brough up to the same as that of the greatest volume. Inoculations were made in the usual way into leaves of White Burley tobacco plants (to test the rattle virus content) and into leaves ofNicotiana glutinosa (to test the tobacco mosaic virus content).

Only nicotine sulphate proved to protect both viruses satisfactorily from precipitation by the tannins of raspberry. It was found that in the concentration mentioned above, lead acetate precipitates tobacco mosaic virus, whereas the rattle virus is not precipitated. In this way both viruses can be separatedin vitro.


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  • T. H. Thung
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  • J. P. H. van der Want
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  1. 1.Instituut voor Plantenziektenkundig OnderzoekWageningen

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