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Conditions for the transition to home health care

  • J. H. Goossen
The Initiating Role of Hospital Pharmacy


A number of changes in health care thinking have been taking place during the past years; these changes are in the financial system, in professional thinking and in political views. As one of the consequences, general hospitals in the Netherlands are thinking of entering home health care for professional and financial reasons. Most probably this may be done now if the management dares to take some risks. However, many conditions still need to be adapted to that situation. Most importantly, it is absolutely necessary to achieve a functional co-operation between professional groups in home health care. Hospital pharmacists should do their home work to make clear what extra value they can bring into home health care. Undoubtedly there are possibilities for the hospital pharmacy in home health care as part of the whole hospital policy in that direction.


Financial management Home care services Pharmacy service, hospital Policy making 

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  • J. H. Goossen
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