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Technology and health care

  • A. J. Dunning
The Initiating Role of Hospital Pharmacy


The invasion of technology, both in society and health care, asks for critical assessment of efficacy and safety. In a greying population hospital care will be substituted by home care in the treatment of chronic diseases. Continuity of care, between hospital and home, requires good communication between physician, patient and family. The hospital pharmacy has an essential role in providing treatment material in renal dialysis, chemotherapy or parenteral nutrition, the instruction of patients and the quality control of diagnostic tests and new devices for drug administration. The surveillance of complex medication, especially in the elderly, is an important part of that consultancy. The hospital pharmacist, in order to take up his place in the treatment team, should become familiar with new and technical aspects of drug administration in home care setting and the safety of its transfer from hospital to home.


Equipment and supplies Home care services Pharmacy services, hospital Quality control Technology assessment 


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  • A. J. Dunning
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