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Mass production ofSpirulina

  • Claudio Santillan


A large industrial production ofSpirulina and its products is possible already now, thanks to technological development. This production capacity and its excellent properties as a food have justified the effort to overcome the barriers of sanitary regulations in countries such as Mexico, Japan, Canada, the United States of America, France, Great Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Korea etc., where its consumption is expanding. In the forecoming years, the production ofSpirulina is expected to reach several thousands of tons yearly, which will initiate a massive production and consumption program.Spirulina, which Farrar9 calls ‘glimpse of the Aztec food technology’, will undergo a broad distribution and its alimentary benefits will be within everyone's reach.

At present, Sosa Texcoco is ready to market 500 tons more in 1982, and is working on another expansion of 2000 tons per year which should be realized by 1983.


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