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Information system design computations using generalized matrix algebra

  • Börje Langefors


In the introduction a presentation is given of the design problem for information systems as one of finding and implementing the maximum difference between value and cost. Design of information systems as done to-day is very much less ambitious. The present paper is concerned with some subproblems of interest in work for designing information systems for minimum cost, which is itself only a subproblem of the total design problem.

The paper presents some formalization by means of an extended matrix algebra which serves to enhance understanding of problems of information system design and to enable automatic computers to be used for design computations. This formalization is also a first step towards automatic design of information systems to prescribed specification.


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  • Börje Langefors
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  1. 1.Forskningsgruppen för InformationsbehandlingVid Stockholms UniversitetStockholm 23Sweden

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