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Eine Untersuchung der Olympia-Lotterie „Glücksspirale 1971”

  • H. Basler


The drawing scheme for the above mentioned lottery has several surprising consequences:
  1. 1)

    As remarked by several critics immediately after the drawing the chances of winning a price are not equal for all tickets.

  2. 2)

    For each class of prizes e. g. the two main-prizes two drawings are arranged for which the resulting winning-probabilities are not equal. (There are not only tickets for which the chance in the first drawing is greater than in the second but also tickets for which the opposite is true)

  3. 3)

    There exist ticketsA andB such thatA is better thanB with respect to the probability of getting a main-prize andB is better thanA with respect to the expected value of winnings. On the same line lies the result that the maximal quotient of the expected values for the winnings for two tickets is merely 3,6 although the maximal quotient of the probabilities of getting a main-prize is 163.4.



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