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On functionals of order statistics

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Let gn be real functions,U ni, 1≤in, the ordered sample ofn independentU(0,1) distributed random variables, andc ni(α), 1≤i≤n, 0≤α≤1 be (known) real numbers,n=1, 2, ... The random quantity\(T_n (\alpha ): = n^{ - 1} \sum\limits_{i = 1}^n {c_{ni} (\alpha )g_n (U_{ni} )} \), 0≤α≤1, is studied. Based on a method proposed byShorack [1972] the main result is the weak convergence of\(H_n : = n^{1/2} (T_n - \mu _n )\) to Gaussian processes, where\(\mu _n (\alpha ): = \sum\limits_{i = 1}^n {c_{ni} (\alpha )} \int\limits_{(i - 1)/n}^{i/n} {g_n (t)dt} \), 0≤α≤1. The convergence is with respect to theSkorokhod [1956]-topologiesM 2,M 1 onD (I) and the ‖ ‖-topology onC(I), depending on the conditions imposed on thec ni(α).

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