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Iaga Paleomagnetic Databases with access

  • Michael W. McElhinny
  • Jo Lock


Since the release of the Global Paleomagnetic Database (GPMDB) in 1991, there have been successive updates every two years, with the current version being 3.1. The authors have now constructed a set of four databases that have been sponsored by the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA). These include the GPMDB together with the Paleointensity Database (PALIN), the Polarity Transitions Database (TRANS) and the Secular Variation Database (SECVR). Each of these databases is now released to operate under Microsoft Access V2.0 and are specifically designed so as to operate independently of each other. The design and operation of these databases with Access is described in this second supplement to the Global Paleomagnetic Databases.


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  • Michael W. McElhinny
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  • Jo Lock
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  1. 1.Gondwana ConsultantsHat HeadAustralia

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