International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp 37–53 | Cite as

The wave logic of consciousness: A hypothesis

  • Yuri F. Orlov


A physical model is proposed for volitional decision making. It is postulated that consciousness reducesdoubt states of the brain into labels by a quantum-mechanical measurement act offree choice. Elementary doubt states illustrate analogical encodement of information having “insufficient resolution” from a classical viewpoint. Measures ofcertitude (inner conviction) and doubt are formulated. “Adequate propositions” for nonclassical statements, e.g., Hamlet's soliloquy, are constructed. A role is proposed for the superposition principle in imagination and creativity. Experimental predictions are offered for positive and negative interference of doubts. Necessary criteria are made explicit for doubting sense information.Wholeness of perception is illustrated using irreducible, unitary representations ofn-valued logics. The interpreted formalism includes nonclassical features of doubt, e.g., scalor representations for imprecise propositions and state changes due to self-reflection. The “liar paradox” is resolved. An internal origin is suggested for spinor dichotomies, e.g., “true-false” and “good-bad,” analogous to particle production.


Quantum Field Theory Sense Information Unitary Representation Particle Production Superposition Principle 
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  • Yuri F. Orlov
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