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Glycogenolytic action of glucagon-family peptides and epinephrine on catfish hepatocytes


Glycogenolytic effects of salmon and mammalian glucagons, salmon glucagon-like peptide (GLP) and epinephrine were studied on liver cells isolated from catfish (Ictalurus melas). In spring and summer, salmo-glucagon (3×10−10 to 3×10−8 M) was more effective than its mammalian counterpart in the stimulation of glucose release and cAMP synthesis in hepatocytes. GLP was less potent as compared to both glucagons. γ-amylase activity was not affected by the treatment with either glucagon-family peptides or epinephrine.

The comparison of the glycogenolytic effects of salmon glucagon to those of epinephrine reveals a greater potency of the latter hormone in the stimulation of cAMP synthesis, glycogen-phosphorylase activity and glucose release. Glycogen content in the liver cells was equally depleted after treatment with both of the two hormones.

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  • salmon glucagon
  • salmon glucagon-like peptide (GLP)
  • epinephrine
  • catfish hepatocytes
  • Ictalurus melas
  • carbohydrate metabolism