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Theoretical NMR study of the chemical exchange of amide protons of proteins


A model is proposed to evaluate the rate of exchange between the amide protons of proteins and the solvent water molecules. Using this model we determined the extent of the error for the chemical exchange rate constant when cross relaxation was neglected; both selective inversion and saturation-transfer techniques were evaluated. Furthermore, the fluctuations in the NOE intensities were determined when the exchange rate was varied.

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Correspondence to Kilian Dill.

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Dill, K., Huang, L. & Bearden, D.W. Theoretical NMR study of the chemical exchange of amide protons of proteins. J Biomol NMR 2, 173–181 (1992).

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  • Amide proton
  • Exchange rate
  • Kinetics
  • NOE
  • Cross-relaxation