The American Journal of Psychoanalysis

, Volume 30, Issue 1, pp 19–29 | Cite as

A phenomenon of rebirth: Coming alive in analytic and medical patients

  • K. Eileen Hite


Instances of phenomena of rebirth in physical and psychological illness have been presented. The phenomenon of rebirth has been discussed from the point of view of total body involvement, including some physiological components of the process. Some aspects of the symbolizing process in rebirth crises have been indicated. The main focus of the paper has been toward understanding the phenomenon of rebirth as a peak emotional experience and as an identity crisis through application of the concepts of the cyclical nature of integrating and disintegrating and of the alienating and dealienating processes. It is hoped that this presentation will stimulate greater awareness of the phenomenon in psychiatric liaison work and in the analytic situation, and will further application of our theory.


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  • K. Eileen Hite
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  1. 1.The American Academy of PsychoanalysisUSA

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