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Interpreting dynamics of aquatic resources: A perspective for resource managers

  • Gary L. Larson


Since the presentation of the Leopold Report (Leopold et al. 1963) to the United States Secretary of the Interior, recommendations in the document for managing natural park resources on the ecosystem level have been included in the management policies of the National Park Service. In many instances, however, management programs have continued to focus on individual resource problems, without apparent concern for the ecological consequences on ecosystems. Without knowledge of the interrelationships of ecosystem components, solving one problem may result in other resource problems. Graphic approaches are presented as potential tools to view these complex interrelationships relative to the needs of the resource manager. Interpreting the dynamics of aquatic systems is emphasized.

Key words

Aquatic resources management Environmental change Production Productivity Resource managers Trophic levels 

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  • Gary L. Larson
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  1. 1.Department of the InteriorNational Park Service Southeast Region Uplands Field Research LaboratoryGatlinburg

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