Improvement of coronary morphology and blood flow after stenting

Assessment by intravascular ultrasound and intracoronary Doppler
  • Junbo Ge
  • Raimund Erbel
  • Jose Zamorano
  • Michael Haude
  • Peter Kearney
  • Günter Görge
  • Jürgen Meyer


Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and intracoronary Doppler (ICD) were performed in eight patients (54.3±6.5 years, 6 male) immediately after PTCA and after stenting. ICD was also performed before PTCA. After PTCA, IVUS has demonstrated intimal rupture in all patients. After stenting, IVUS revealed wall wrapping of the intimal flap with a free lumen in all patients. The lumen diameter was 2.42±0.55 mm after PTCA and was 2.74±0.49 mm after stenting (p<0.001). The cross-sectional area increased from 4.70±1.99 mm2 post-PTCA to 6.40±2.15 mm2 post-stent (p<0.005). Coronary flow velocity reserve, calculated by the ratio of mean flow velocity at rest and after intracoronary papaverine administration, increased from 2.05±1.01 to 2.99±1.14 after PTCA (p = 0.015); and increased to 4.51±1.33 after stenting (p<0.001).

The morphological data derived from IVUS correlated with the functional information obtained with ICD. In addition to its established role in bail out situations, stent implantation may be considered when a suboptimal morphological and functional result has been demonstrated.

Key words

intravascular ultrasound intracoronary Doppler stenting PTCA 


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  • Raimund Erbel
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  • Jose Zamorano
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  • Michael Haude
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  • Peter Kearney
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  • Günter Görge
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  • Jürgen Meyer
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  1. 1.Department of CardiologyUniversity EssenEssenGermany
  2. 2.II Medical ClinicUniversity MainzGermany

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