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More on free interpolation by functions which are regular outside a prescribed set

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, mE>0 It is shown that (even in the case when E is nowhere dense in

) there exist functions f, analytic in

and satisfying some strong additional conditions (for example, like: the Taylor series of the function f with center at the origin converges uniformly in the circle

, while the boundary values of the function

coincide with some function of the form

, where g ε C (T),

is the orthogonal projection from L2 onto h 2 ). Moreover, one establishes theorems on the free interpolation by such functions, showing that they are indeed “very many.”

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Translated from Zapiski Nauchnykh Seminarov Leningradskogo Otdeleniya Matematicheskogo Instituta im. V. A. Steklova AN SSSR, Vol. 107, pp. 71–88, 1982.

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