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The γ-irradiation of aqueous acetic acid-clay suspensions

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γ-radiolysis of 0.8 mol dm−3 aqueous, oxygen-free acetic acid solutions was investigated in the presence or absence of Na-montmorillonite (1–3 g per 10 cm−3). The systems were irradiated at their natural pH (3.5), and 25 °C in a dose range from 0.01 to 500 kGy. H2, CH4, CO, CO2, and a variety of polycarboxylic acids were formed in all systems. The major features of the radiolysis in the presence of clays were: (1) More solute molecules were decomposed; (2) Carbon dioxide was produced in higher yield; (3) The yield of methane was unaffected; and (4) 44% less polycarboxylic acids were formed. Three possible mechanisms that could account for the observed changes are suggested. The results are important in understanding heterogeneous processes in radiation catalysis and might be significant to prebiotic chemistry.

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