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Some observations on the heredity of the leaf form in chelidonium maius L

  • W. M. Heijl
  • H. Uittien


  1. 1.

    There are at least two pairs of factors, which influence the leaf-shape ofChelidonium maius L:M−m andL−l. Hence there are four constant varieties.

  2. 2.

    The usual wild form is homozygous forM (maius), which factor dominates entirely overm (minus).mm-plants have shorter fruits, shorter stalks, shorter leaf-axes, so that the leaves occasionally become nearly digitate.

  3. 3.

    The usual wild form is also homozygous forL (latifolium) which factor does not entirely dominate overl (laciniatum).ll-plants have more incised leaves with much narrower leaf-lobes thanLl-plants, and incised petals.



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  • W. M. Heijl
  • H. Uittien

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