Zeitschrift für allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie

, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 368–371 | Cite as

Lakatos und Bohrs Programm

Entgegnung auf eine Kritik von Hans Radder
  • Martin Carrier


In a paper published in this Journal, Hans Radder argues that a detailed analysis of the degenerating phase of Bohr's programme reveals the basic incorrectness of Lakatos' own reconstruction of this period. Furthermore the corrected version shows the impossibility to account for the development in Lakatosian concepts. In this reply I try to point out that a slight modification of Lakatos' reconstruction is sufficient for reconciling the theory with the historical data. It is not Lakatos's theory itself that causes the problems, but Radder's way of its application.


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  2. Hans Radder, Between Bohr's Atomic Theory and Heisenberg's Matrix Mechanics. A Study of the Role of the Dutch Physicist H. A. Kramers, in: Janus LX/X (1982), S. 223–252.Google Scholar

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  • Martin Carrier
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  1. 1.Philosophisches Seminar der Westfälischen Wilhelms-UniversitätMünster

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