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One year of health and social services for adults 40–50 years old with Down's syndrome

A calculation of costs in a delimited area of Denmark


The costs of the public health and social security system supporting adults 40–50 years old with Down's syndrome during one year (1984) have been investigated in the county of Aarhus, representing about 10% of the Danish population. 77% of the probands live in institutions, the rest in private homes or sheltered residences. The average yearly price of an institutionalized adult is DKr. 237,900 =US$ 21,128 = £ 18,174. If the person lives in a private home, the same figures are DKr. 107,239 =US$ 9,524=↬ 8,393. Average for all probands: DKr. 207,587 = US$18,436 = £ 15,858, which is 127% of a skilled worker's salary.

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