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Evaluation of regional cerebral blood flow with99mTc-d,1 HM-PAO and SPECT


The imaging of regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) by99mTc-d,1 HM-PAO and SPECT is described. Its relevance to clinical syndromes, such as stroke, transient ischemic attacks, various forms of dementia, epilepsy, and subarachnoid hemorrhage, is reported.

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Neirinckx, R.D. Evaluation of regional cerebral blood flow with99mTc-d,1 HM-PAO and SPECT. Neurosurg. Rev. 10, 181–184 (1987).

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  • Cerebral blood flow (rCBF)
  • cerebral ischemia
  • dementia
  • technetium