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Semantic preserving translations

  • David B. Benson


Let X1, X2 be derivation systems (freex-categories) generated by context free grammars. Let X0 be a translation category withx-functorsf i :X0→X i ,i=1, 2. Let T be an Ω*-theory, a generalization of algebraic theories. LetI i :X i →T be algebraic interpretations of the derivations systems, giving the semantics of derivation systems. The translation category X0 is shown to preserve the common semantics through the translation if there is a natural transformation from the functorf2ºI2 to the functorf1ºI1. This is used to show that certain elementary conditions on well-behaved generalized2 sequential machine maps (g2sm maps) result in semantics preservation by the g2sm maps.


Computational Mathematic Natural Transformation Elementary Condition Algebraic Theory Context Free Grammar 
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