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Towards active guidewire visualization in interventional magnetic resonance imaging


Improving the visibility of interventional devices is of paramount importance if MRI-guided fluoroscopy is to become a reality. Passive visualization is problematic in that the susceptibility-induced artifacts are material- and orientation-dependent. Here a concept is presented for making interventional devices visible. It involves fitting a device with a straight-wire antenna. As the sensitivity of such an antenna is highest for signal sources in the immediate neighborhood, using the antenna for reception gives an outline image. In this manner a guidewire or other interventional device could be made MRI-visible. The image appearance of a straight-wire antenna depends on the orientation of the device with respect to the main magnetic field and imaging plane. This phenomena is discussed theoretically and documented with MR images.

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Mckinnon, G.C., Debatin, J.F., Leung, D.A. et al. Towards active guidewire visualization in interventional magnetic resonance imaging. MAGMA 4, 13–18 (1996).

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  • Interventional MRI
  • device visualization
  • guidewires
  • straight-wire antennas