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Developmental venous anomalies (DVA): The so-called venous angioma

  • Pierre Lasjaunias
  • Patricia Burrows
  • Chantal Planet


Following a review of the literature it is possible to demonstrate the “normality” of the so called venous angiomas. They should be named Developmental Venous Anomaly (DVA). They illustrate in their two extreme types (superfical and deep) the hemodynamic equilibrium of the transcortical venous drainage in the periependymal zones. Venous ectasias and varices which can be encountered, associated with DVA constitute an acquired feature in relation to a venous outlet obstacle.

The sinus pericranii represents an extracerebral DVA, but also corresponds to a normal variation. As any extreme anatomical variant, each DVA corresponds to a weak situation which may express itself clinically; only rare situations justify a radical treatment.


Brain venous drainage transcerebral veins varices venous aneurysms venous angiomas 


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  • Patricia Burrows
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  • Chantal Planet
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