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Proliferation patterns in acute myeloid leukemia: leukemic clonogenic growth and in vivo cell cycle kinetics

  • P. P. T. Brons
  • C. Haanen
  • J. B. M. Boezeman
  • P. Muus
  • R. S. G. Holdrinet
  • A. H. M. Pennings
  • H. M. C Wessels
  • T. de Witte
Original Article


In a prospective study of 33 newly diagnosed patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), we analyzed the relationship of proliferation parameters with clinical parameters, response to induction therapy, and survival. The median follow-up was 26 months. The proliferative capacity of the leukemic progenitor cells was studied using colony-forming assays (number of colonyforming units, growth pattern, and spontaneous clonogenic growth capacity). The cell kinetic parameters of the bone marrow blasts were determined by in vivo labeling with iododeoxyuridine and subsequent flow cytometry: labeling index (LI), DNA synthesis time (Ts), potential doubling time. No or only weak relationships were observed between the experimental and clinical parameters such as age, sex, % blasts, white blood cell count, FAB subtype, cytogenetics, and % CD 34+ cells. This suggests that clonogenic growth and cell cycle kinetics of bone marrow blasts are independent cell biologic properties of AML. No association between the proliferation parameters and induction response rate was noticed. Analysis of the overall survival and event-free survival revealed trends to longer survival rates in patients with a belowmedian LI (≤7.6%) and below-median Ts value (≤14.3 h). These trends were more pronounced in the group of de novo AML (n=23), where the prolonged event-free survival in patients with below-median Ts reached statistical significance (p=0.02). None of the other parameters appeared significantly correlated with survival, although there was a trend to longer survival rates in patients who had no spontaneous clonogenic growth capacity (p=0.13). In conclusion, proliferation parameters in leukemic cells provide additional information on the cell biologic characteristics of AML, and these parameters may have prognostic value for response and duration of survival in AML.

Key words

Flow cytometry Cell kinetics Iododeoxyuridine Clonogenic assay DNA synthesis time 


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  • C. Haanen
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  • J. B. M. Boezeman
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  • P. Muus
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  • R. S. G. Holdrinet
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  • A. H. M. Pennings
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  • H. M. C Wessels
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  • T. de Witte
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  1. 1.Department of HematologyUniversity Hospsital NijmegenHB NijmegenThe Netherlands

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