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On the relativistic equation for particles with spinj in the 2[2j+1] — component formalism

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The equation describing a relativistic particle with spinj and massm by a 2[2j+1] component wave function is derived using the method of boost transformations. The formalism developed in this paper allows us to find the wave functions satisfying the equation obtained and to construct the relativistically invariant quantities from these functions in an easy way. For the case of spin 3/2 the unitary equivalence with earlier results is demonstrated.

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The author wishes to thank Drs. J. Fischer and J. Niederle for useful discussions and especially Dr. J. Tolar for critical reading of the manuscript.

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Bednář, M. On the relativistic equation for particles with spinj in the 2[2j+1] — component formalism. Czech J Phys 19, 1–16 (1969).

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