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The dynamic performance of the Weissenberg Rheogoniometer

I. Small amplitude oscillatory shearing
  • W. C. MacSporran
  • R. P. Spiers
Original Contributions


The dynamic performance of a standard Model R18 Weissenberg Rheogoniometer has been studied in detail. The Rheogoniometer was carefully calibrated and used to measure accurately the rheological behaviour of a highly nonlinear viscoelastic polymer solution (1% polyacrylamide in 50% glycerol/water).

In this paper the elaborate procedures that were used to calibrate the electronic signal processing equipment are described. The various static and dynamic calibration/correction factors are defined and incorporated into a computer implemented calculation scheme for evaluating the linear dynamic properties from the raw digital transfer function analyser readings.

The linear dynamic properties of the polymer solution are presented together with the corresponding steady shearing properties. Both cone and plate and parallel plates geometries were used and good agreement was obtained over the wide range (six decades) of frequencies and shear rates employed.

Fluid inertia effects were found to become important when the modified Reynolds number,Reθ c 2 orRe(H/R)2, exceeded a value of about 0.1. These effects had a strong influence on the phase angleε(ω) which could readily be detected by varying the gap angle/width. The Walters-Kemp equations were found to give consistently accurate values for the linear dynamic properties for modified Reynolds numbers up to 11.6 which was the highest reached.

Key words

Weissenberg Rheogoniometer calibration fluid inertia effect linear dynamic properties 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • W. C. MacSporran
    • 1
  • R. P. Spiers
    • 1
  1. 1.Schools of Chemical EngineeringUniversity of BradfordBradfordU.K.

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