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Modelling software quality in the commercial environment

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Achieving quality is a perennial problem in software development. It is commercially significant because of the large sums of money spent correcting problems within information systems. The literature shows how various theoretical treatments have developed since the late 1970s. However, many of these models are of academic interest only, because they are not perceived by IT professionals to meet their needs.

This article describes a study which examined the nature of quality in six different commercial environments. The aim of the study was to provide models of quality appropriate to individual commercial environments and to examine similarities between them. The results, expressed in terms of quality criteria and the relationships between them, highlight the limitations of many theoretical treatments, in particular, the highly technical view of software quality enshrined in early models, and the need for criteria contributing to ‘business correctness’.

The results from the study are used to highlight some of the important issues in software quality within commercial environments and some of the reasons why quality is often poor.

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