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Ethical contexts of healing: Character and ritual

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Jesus was asked by what authority did he heal. I suggest that the authority of the healing ministry of Jesus occurred because his work was a part of the inbreaking of God's Reign, was consistent with call to covenantal obedience within the Jewish community and because his life was the incarnation of God's righteousnes. The authority of the contemporary Christian therapist is different in degree not in kind. Our authority emerges when healing occurs that is consistent with the Sermon on the Mount, when the people of God have blessed our service and when our lives approximate the ethic of the Reign of God. It is my hope that an ethic of God's Reign, a normative people and our personal character as disciples of Christ might more significantly shape the therapeutic process.

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Correspondence to Al Dueck.

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This is the third article in a series published in Pastoral Psychology. The first two appeared in the previous two issues.

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Dueck, A. Ethical contexts of healing: Character and ritual. Pastoral Psychol 36, 69–83 (1987).

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  • Cross Cultural Psychology
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