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Phospholipase A — A Parameter of Sepsis?

A comparison of PLA and stevens' sepsis severity score

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Phospholipase A (PLA) and Sepsis Severity Score (SSS) were measured regularly in 28 patients with sepsis (n=11), pancreatic operations (n=7), or multitrauma combined with contused abdominal trauma (n=10). No linear correlation was found between these two parameters. A statistical correlation could be shown for the paired values PLAmax/SSS or PLA/SSSmax. They lie together above or below their “critical value” of 20 points SSS or 30 U/l PLA (α<0.05). The evaluation of mortality shows a distinctly higher significance for the SSS (P<0.01) in comparison with the PLA (P<0.05). In certain cases PLA was the first parameter which could have shown the beginning of a septic process.

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