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Some properties of bound states in the three-body problem with separable potentials

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A system of three identical bosons with the pair separable S-interaction is considered. The monotonic (Yamaguchi potential) and oscillating pair potentials for the three-alpha model of12C have been investigated. In the case of the Yamaguchi potential many excited states (second, third, etc.) have been found.

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The author is thankful to Prof. V. G. Neudatchin and Prof. Yu. F. Smirnov for valuable discussions on the problems concerned.

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Kukulin, V.I. Some properties of bound states in the three-body problem with separable potentials. Czech J Phys 21, 923–929 (1971). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01706487

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  • Excited State
  • Pair Potential
  • Separable Potential
  • Identical Boson
  • Yamaguchi Potential