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Eine Approximative Lösung des Beugungsproblems im Anisotropen Einachsigen Medium

An approximative solution of the diffraction problem in an anisotropic uniaxial medium

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This paper presents a problem of diffraction of light in uniaxial anisotropic medium. Under the supposition that an optical field is represented by weakly convergent (divergent) rays, from the viewpoint of geometrical optics, and that the principal direction of the ray is not too close to an optical axis of crystal, it is possible to perform a separated scalar description of the TE and TM diffraction fields. Expressions are derived for uniaxial anisotropic medium, which represent an approximative scalar description of diffraction fields, dependent on the state of the field in the aperture plane.

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Herrn Doz. Dr. I. Šantavý bin ich für zahlreiche Diskussionen und wertvolle Ratschläge schr zu Dank verpflichtet.

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