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Conversion electrons in the decay of191Os


Internal conversion electrons in the decay of191Os have been measured with a 30 cm double focusing spectrometer. The transition energies of (129.27±0·07) keV, 82.5 keV, (46.90±±0.06) keV and (41.76±0.02) keV are given together with the corresponding internal conversion line intensities. It was found that the mixture of the 129 keV transition was 87% M1+13% E2. The previously proposed decay scheme is supplemented by the 46.90 keV transition.

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The authors would like to thank to M. Vobecký and A. Maštalka for preparing the electrodeposited sources.

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Plajner, Z., Brabec, V., Dragoun, O. et al. Conversion electrons in the decay of191Os. Czech J Phys 17, 703–706 (1967).

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  • Transition Energy
  • Line Intensity
  • Conversion Electron
  • Internal Conversion
  • Decay Scheme