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A contribution to the technique of investigating spiralling discharges

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The paper describes experimental investigations of an impulsive discharge of spiralling character. The dependence is given of the change of the spiralling discharge shape on the width of the impulsive discharge. It is pointed out that this dependence may serve as part of the technique of investigating spiralling discharges and the constricted positive column of a glow discharge.

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In conclusion, the author would like to express his thanks to Prof. Š. Veis and his colleague V. Martišovitš for their valuable advice and assistance during these investigations.

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Lukáč, P. A contribution to the technique of investigating spiralling discharges. Czech J Phys 17, 1038–1040 (1967). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01698027

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  • Experimental Investigation
  • Glow Discharge
  • Positive Column
  • Discharge Shape
  • Impulsive Discharge