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On the stationary state of a plasma in magnetostatic and potential fields II

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The density distribution on the lines of force of the magnetostatic field is established under certain simplifying conditions for a plasma bounded by a combination of a magnetostatic and a potential field. The distribution functions of the particles, too, are determined for some of the cases being examined. It is found that certain non-linear effects given by the action of the averaged high-frequency forces in the plasma can occur in experiments concerning the magnetoacoustic resonance of the plasma column.

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The author is indebted to I. A. Kovan, V. D. Rusanov and V. P. Smirnov (Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow) for valuable discussions concerning the experiments reported in [6 to 8]. His thanks are also due to the participants of the Seminar held on March 15, 1966, at the Institute of Plasma Physics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, for their review of his results.

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  • Distribution Function
  • Stationary State
  • Density Distribution
  • Potential Field
  • Plasma Column