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The innovation facilities of Auger spectrometer with energy modulation on CMA

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The paper deals with the implementation of the BBM method which enables to measure direct Auger spectraN(E) into the Auger spectrometer with energy modulation on CMA. The arrangement of the modificated Auger spectrometer on the instrumental, hardware and software level is presented. Moreover, the system includes the optional function — the analog background separation — which enables the optimalization of weak Auger signal measurements in a higher energy region. The implementation of the BBM method is convenient to use as a means of innovation of older Auger spectrometers which enable to get the differentiated spectra only.

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Tomek, S., Liday, J. & Vogrinčič, P. The innovation facilities of Auger spectrometer with energy modulation on CMA. Czech J Phys 44, 287–293 (1994). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01694494

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  • Auger
  • Energy Region
  • Energy Modulation
  • Signal Measurement
  • Optional Function