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Unconventional properties of dislocations in quasicrystals

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Dislocations in quasicrystals are defined as the intersections of dislocations in a high dimensional lattice with an irrational cut which figures the physical space. This definition confers to them a number of unusual geometrical properties which can be studied either by suitable extensions of the Volterra process, or by topological approaches, which often offer complementary points of view and are presented in this paper. Amongst these unusual properties, the production of stacking faults under shear at low temperature, reshuffling processes on stacking faults, and properties of non-commutativity which could have some incidences on the interplay between dislocations in deformation processes are mentioned.

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Dedicated to Dr. František Kroupa in honour of his 70th birthday.

Unité de Recherche Associée 009 du CNRS, associée aux Universités de Paris VI at Paris VII

We are very grateful to Dr. Vladimir Dmitrienko for discussions and useful remarks.

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  • Geometrical Property
  • Physical Space
  • Deformation Process
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