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Paramagnetic resonance of Fe3+ ion in CdWO4 monocrystal


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The paramagnetic spectrum of the Fe3+ ion in a CdWO4 monocrystal was measured on a frequency of 9600 kMHz at 290°K. The spin-Hamiltonian of the Fe3+ ion was determined and had the form of (1). The constants derived for the spin-Hamiltonian areE/D=0·144±0·002,D=23·8 kMHz.


Измерен парамагнитный спектр ионов Fe3+ в монокристаллах CdWO4 при частоте 9600 kMHz и 290°K. Из угловой зависимости определен спин-гамильтониан ионов Fe3+ в форме (1), в котором значениеE/D равно 0,144±0,002 иD равно 23,8 kMHz.

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In conclusion, the authors thank Č. Bárta and V. Kment from the Society for Chemical and Metallurgical Production in Ústí n/L for producing and supplying the monocrystals and for much valuable advice.

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